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What you Need to Know about Dental Care during Pregnancy

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Are the dental procedures safe?
Is taking X-rays safe?

Pregnant women are recommended to have dental checkups during pregnancy. This is safe and even beneficial. They will be helped by dentist and dental hygienist to understand the symptoms related to pregnancy and will be instructed how their oral hygiene care at home along with professional care can reduce the risk of dental or periodontal (gum) problems.

According to the American Dental Association many procedures are safe during pregnancy including: local anesthesia, radiography, dental fillings, and etc.

Studies showed the risk for birth defects, prematurity, low birth weight or miscarriages is no different than not doing these procedures.

The amount of radiation by dental X-rays specially the digital types is very low. The patient is covered and protected with a leaded apron which has a leaded collar to minimize the amount of exposure to the mother, her thyroid and the fetus.

The main attention during pregnancy is focused on the optimal health practices for the mother to address her concerns for the baby and herself. The medical practitioners will recommend a dental and periodontal exam and care early in pregnancy.

If a pregnant woman does not seek or receive a routine oral care, she may develop a dental emergency later in her pregnancy.

During pregnancy gum and tooth infection should be prevented to avoid any damage to the mother’s health and the fetus as the result. Usually gum inflammation happens during pregnancy because of exaggerated reaction to dental biofilm due to physiological hormonal changes. This occurs mostly by the second month. If the problem left untreated, it can continue and influence the mother’s and baby’s health.

The pregnant patient is well informed by dentist and dental hygienist for more reassurance.
They will be recommended on a multiple fluoride treatment, a diet plan low in sugar and carbohydrates, tooth brushing at least twice a day with a fluoride tooth paste, daily flossing, and rinsing with a fluoride mouth wash to prevent dental caries and decays.

Oral care appointments are required to be 3 times during 9 month period, although it can be planned according to the patient’s needs. Shorter appointments usually are more comfortable for pregnant patients.

During first trimester pregnant women may have an increased risk of tooth decay as a result of high sugar intake, morning sickness or acid reflux. They need to be assessed at their appointments. The oral care provider will recommend all the personal measures employed by the patient to prevent from gum or teeth damages.

The first oral hygiene care can be scheduled at the beginning of the second trimester (13 weeks). Elective dental procedures usually are postponed until after delivery.

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