Night Guard and Sport Mouth Guard

Night Guard

night mouth guardTooth grinding (bruxism) and clenching are para functional oral habits which need to be addressed at the right time to prevent from serious, permanent damage to the teeth. At the regular or initial dental visit by our dentist and dental hygienist the patient is asked about any symptoms related to bruxism or clenching which include: tooth ache,tooth sensitivity,facial or jaw pain,and headaches.

The patient will be examined for the signs of facial or jaw joint pain or tenderness ,limitation of motion,clicking sounds,teeth worn outs,and broken fillings. Studies show men and women are equally do grinding during sleep,but women clench more than men.
The main cause of this problem is not clear but many anatomical,structural,neurological and psychological conditions are considered to be the main factors.

There is no absolute cure for grinding or clenching but the damage to the teeth as the result of this wrong habit can be prevented,managed or treated by wearing appliances called Night guard. A night guard is worn during sleep in order to overcome the forces applied by clenching or grinding on the chewing surfaces of teeth.They are prescribed by the dentist and made at the dental lab from hard acrylic material that covers mostly the biting surfaces of the teeth .Patients are encouraged to wear it regularly during their sleep. They will notice the reduction or disappearance of the jaw or face pain.

Sport Mouth Guard

sport mouth guardSome patients specially young people are involved in some kind of sports or athletic activities. There is always a high risk of damage to the teeth caused by an accident or a forceful blow to the face or the teeth.This can lead to a multiple tooth loss,oral and facial injury.

A sport mouth guard is the best protective appliance prescribed by a dentist and made by a dental lab customized to that individual. The commercial sport mouth guards can be purchased from any drug store ,but the material or shape may be different. Custom made sport guards have the benefit of colour selection.The athlete also can ask the lab to incorporate their team logo in the mouth guard.

Sport guards are made from softer acrylic materials which are flexible and can absorb the forces against the mouth and prevent the injury.Sport mouth guards usually should cover the teeth and also the gums. At Dentistry for you clinic in Thornhill, our dentist will do all the assessments required to determine if the patient needs to wear a mouth guard and will offer the best option for protecting your oral health.

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