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Dental Implants: The Importance of Replacing Teeth

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | July 4th, 2017

A dental implant is a very strong screw ,which is used to ,firmly and almost permanently, connect to the jaw bone. Dental implant is made from commercially pure titanium or titanium alloy. The body doesn’t reject the titanium screw which is drilled into the jawbone and over a period of time ,it integrates (attaches) into the bone of the jaw. This implant(artificial root) can be restored by a crown which is actually screwed into it.In fact the difference between a dental implant and a real tooth is indiscernible.

Not only used to replace a missing or broken tooth(teeth), these implants can also be used to support removable and fixed dentures , so that eating any kind of food is possible again. It is extremely important to replace any missing teeth and the problems caused by missing teeth can go far beyond the most obvious one of appearance.


A single missing tooth can cause a lot of distress and emotional upset, particularly if that tooth is in a noticeable place such as in the front of the mouth. The lack of a tooth or teeth is the first thing you notice when someone smiles and it can cause a lot of heartache to those with missing teeth. It also means that a person with missing teeth will avoid people and situations where they will be seen to be missing teeth. This lack of confidence in appearance can have a deeply upsetting impact on a person.

Without a great smile, the resulting depression and lack of confidence will impact both an individual’s work and personal life. A dental implant is often an amazingly easy way to boost confidence and morale and allow a person to smile again and feel comfortable in any situation. An implant is completely blended with the existing teeth, no one would be wiser, and it will only affect someone’s physical appearance positively.

Oral Health

Losing only one tooth upsets the balance of the entire mouth. The gap created by the loss of a tooth will provide enough space for those teeth nearby to shift and twist causing issues with chewing food and allowing for more of the teeth to be exposed to bacteria causing tooth decay. It is not uncommon that over a period of years the remaining teeth will become looser due to the bone loss caused by the missing teeth and that may cause the eventual loss of even more teeth.

The Comfort

If you have all of your teeth you are blissfully unaware of how a missing tooth will impact both your appearance and your ability to chew food. There is nothing more painful than when a particularly hard or sharp piece of food hits that exposed spot where the tooth is missing. It is a very unpleasant experience and many people are forced to give up the foods they love because they cannot chew or bit properly and simply cannot enjoy eating their favourite foods. Not being able to bite into a sandwich properly or eat peanuts and popcorn because it’s painful or you may be afraid your denture might pop out can be immensely socially inhibiting. This is terribly damaging to one’s self esteem and enjoyment of life.
A dental implant can literally and dramatically change a person’s life. If you are missing any teeth or simply cannot take wearing dentures you should investigate the possibility of dental implants changing your whole life. Things you thought were not possible will be possible again. However, it is important that you investigate the possibilities of dental implants with a reputable dentist. Do not take any risks with this procedure and make sure your dentist is qualified and experienced in the procedure. Dental implants have a success rate of over 90-95% and they can change your life as well.

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