Orthodontics Dentistry in Thornhill

orthodontics dentistryOrthodontics is a choice and a recommended treatment for the people at any age with crowded, misaligned and crooked teeth. It can help improve the appearance, smile and at the same time oral health and function. After orthodontic treatment teeth become aligned and well positioned which allows optimal chewing function and therefore a better oral health and hygiene.

Many people need orthodontics when their bite is affected by the way their teeth or jaw bone are positioned. This problem is known as malocclusion (bad occlusion), which is caused by crowded, crooked and protruded teeth or as a result of a para-functional habit such as childhood finger sucking.

Different types of malocclusion are: over jet, over bite, open bite or cross bite.

When the bite is not right, teeth will be worn down due to difficulties in chewing or pressure during chewing. Crowded teeth make proper brushing and flossing become a big issue which result in decays, cavities and gum problems.

Orthodontic treatments usually are performed by an orthodontist, although a general dentist also can do basic orthodontic treatments. People with malocclusion at all ages will be able to get orthodontic treatment. For children the treatment is started when they have their permanent teeth.

Orthodontic consultation and assessments are recommended to be done at the earlier time. Sometimes in special case treatment starts even when the child doesn’t have all permanent teeth and the main goal is to prevent more problems. Orthodontic treatment duration is determined according to the individual needs and condition, but usually it is around 2 years.

Oral hygiene care is very important, people with orthodontic braces need more frequent hygiene visits (every 3-4 months). They should avoid biting on hard food or chewing gum or sticky food or candies. These can loosen the braces.

Oral care providers; orthodontist, dentist or dental hygienist will instruct the patients on at home oral care which include brushing after each meal, using interdental brush and floss and other dental aids. They should be monitored closely and carefully.

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