Soft Tissue Laser Therapy in Thornhill

The first diode laser therapy in dentistry was introduced in 1995. Dental laser therapy is used for sub-gingival (under gum) curettage, periodontal pocket reduction,minor oral and gum surgeries and implant surgery.

Soft Tissue Laser Therapy DentistryAt Dentistry For You dental clinic in Thornhill, we have been using soft tissue laser therapy for several years. Our clinical team has had extensive ongoing training in laser dentistry.

Soft Tissue Management (STM) program includes procedures to treat diseased, infected and inflamed tissues in order to reduce periodontal pockets. The main goal is to reduce or stop the progression of periodontal (gum) disease.

Soft tissue management consists of tissue debridement using manual instruments or ultrasonic devices. Ultrasonic scalers are more effective, painless, fast and less damaging instruments for removing the tartar and bio films from the teeth surfaces or under the gum. Scaling and root planing clean the diseased area between the gums and the root of the teeth.

When you go under a soft tissue therapy:

  • You may experience some pain or tenderness in your gums. This pain is usually manageable by taking over the counter (OTC) pain reducing medicines or analgesics
  • Your teeth may become more sensitive to temperature changes. It is recommended to avoid consuming too cold or hot food or drinks.
  • You may notice slight bleeding around the treated gum. This usually is a very temporary sign and will be subsided.
  • There maybe a swelling at the treated site.  Applying intermittent ice packs will help relieve it faster.
  • Your gums maybe tender or sensitive. You are recommended to use a soft bristle tooth brush and brush gently with rolling technique to avoid aggravating the tender gum tissue as a result.

Scaling and root planing have been a successful and simple method to treat gum disease. Along with the conventional scaling procedures, laser perio-pocket reduction treatment has helped patients to attain better and healthier gums.

A dental hygienist utilizes all methods to clean and scale teeth, preserve the oral health and prevent tooth decays and advanced gum disease.

Soft tissue laser therapy is also helpful in treating the canker sores in mouth. This procedure can destroy the particles of virus. It can make the lesion to dry down and finally the pain will be relieved. It also helps enhancement of the healing process.

The procedure is painless and fast. Patients are encouraged to visit a dentist for canker sore laser therapy as soon as they had the burning and tingling sensation, at this time the treatment is more effective.

Our trained dental staff can provide you with a safer, quicker, more efficient and comfortable laser therapy according to your needs.
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