Digital Radiography

Digital Radiography – More Accurate and Safer Than Traditional X-rays

dental digital radiographyDentistry For You clinic uses the newest digital radiography or x-rays to get accurate images of patients teeth. Digital x-rays are more precise than the traditional method of x-raying teeth.

The digital x-ray procedure is faster, more comfortable, and provides the dentist with an accurate detailed image of the teeth. Instead of holding large dental films, digital radiography uses a sensor that is placed in or moved around the mouth to get a full view of the teeth and jawbone.

And because digital x-rays provide more accurate pictures of your teeth, the dentist is able to see any dental problems easier and is able to successfully diagnose and recommend the best course of treatment.

In addition to saved time and comfort, digital x-rays decrease exposure to radiation. Each time you get traditional dental x-rays you are exposed to radiation levels that are higher than digital x-ray. The protective aprons we use further reduce your exposure to radiation, keeping you safer.

Digital x-rays are available to be viewed by the dentist immediately, no more waiting for the film to be developed. Digital x-rays work much the same way as your digital camera, the images are computer generated, the dentist can show you the pictures of your teeth on the monitor and explain any dental problems you might have and also the overall health of your teeth, jawbone, and mouth.

If you have any questions about digital radiography or concerns about its safety ask your dentist at Dentistry For You clinic in Thornhill.