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Beautiful Holiday Smile

How to get a beautiful holiday smile

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | December 18th, 2017

Holiday celebrations arrive with plenty of temptations, lots of candy, chocolate and rich foods.  However, if you want to keep a beautiful, white smile you can follow these 7 steps to a great smile:

Call the Dentist before a problem can’t be fixed

If you crack or chip a tooth over the holiday season, make sure you get to your dentist as soon as possible. You don’t want the situation to worsen over a few weeks and then be in pain when you can’t reach a dentist.

A good preventative tip is to make an appointment as soon as possible and get your teeth cleaned and checked.  That way you will be able to indulge yourself virtually guilt free and you will know your teeth and gums are in their best health. If not you may just be able to head of a bad toothache before it begins and ruins your holiday.

Don’t Neglect Good Brushing and Flossing Habits

Don’t let the parties and crazy rush of the season make you bypass a great oral hygiene routine.  Dental Associations worldwide recommend brushing and flossing at least twice a day preferably after every meal. Consider adding a great electric toothbrush to your Christmas wishlist, you won’t regret it.

Avoid those high sugar snacks and treats

Turn down as many sugary treats as you can, stick to the safer alternatives like sugar free cookies and healthy treats with oatmeal and nut cookies. Pumpkin pie is better for your teeth than pecan pie, lower in sugar and no nuts to break or chip your teeth and if you are cooking sweet potatoes leave out the marshmallows and brown sugar for a much healthier and better for your side dish.

If you’re feeling deprived, take an extra helping of cranberries and mixed nuts, all the recent research says that both are excellent for overall nutrition and a bonus with cranberries is that recent studies show they can help prevent cavities.

No snacking between meals

We all know this one and if you do snack, make sure it’s a healthy one. Grab some trail mix with fruit and nuts, a yogurt or some raw veggies not only are they healthy for you they are also good for your teeth and you won’t gain a ton of that holiday weight.

Pay attention to what goes in your mouth

It is so easy to end up eating a bunch of empty calories when you are socializing.
Make sure before you go to the party you have a proper meal so you will feel fuller when you arrive and then during the party scope out the healthier snacks like veggies and hummus or a little cheese and fruit for nibbling on.

Remember to stick to your way of eating

Don’t let people push you into the unhealthy snacks just because that is what they like. You may have trays of cookies or lots of chocolate given to you by your guests as they arrive but keep your choices healthy.
Always have your healthy treats ready to bring out for company and ensure your guests get a taste for good for the treats that taste great. Make the celebration a chance to show off your skills in creating good for your holiday treats.

Focus on the celebration

The holidays don’t have to put your beautiful white smile at risk; you are in control and in charge of what you and your family eat, so make it a good one.  Don’t obsess about your dental health just take reasonable care, brush twice a day and don’t forget to floss.

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