Teeth Cleaning in Thornhill

teeth cleaning and hygiene services in ThornhillPoor oral hygiene can cause a vast variety of oral and systemic problems including gum disease,bone loss,heart disease,strokes and many more. Regular dentist and dental hygiene care visits can prevent them as well as provide you with good oral hygiene and promote your general health.

The followings are the main reasons that we at the Dentistry for You ask our patients to consider as the requirements to schedule their regular dental hygiene appointments:

To prevent oral cancer

Oral cancer is a deadly disease that can kill someone if not detected at the early stages(As per American Oral Cancer foundation every hour one death everyday).
The key is early detection of any abnormal lesion .Our office assesses the signs and symptoms followed by oral and head and neck exam performed by the Dentist or Dental hygienist at the Hygiene appointments to help detect the disease at the early stage and make the referrals

To prevent gum disease

Gum disease is a type of infection that if not treated at early stages can cause a permanent gum problem which is called periodontitis which can lead to the tooth loss .
Instructions given by the dental hygienist for at home oral cares such as brushing at least twice a day,flossing daily and using mouth wash when required accompanied by regular professional dental cleaning can prevent progression of a simple gum inflammation to a difficult to cure advance gum disease.

To help provide systemic health

Recent studies show there has been a link between gum disease and heart attack and stroke. The regular professional oral care every 4-6 months can help maintain good oral health and reduce the risk of heart disease

To prevent tooth loss

Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss.Regular dental check ups and cleaning with good brushing and flossing play a crucial role in keeping healthy teeth with normal chewing function and promoting general health

To detect dental problems

Visiting dentist and dental hygienist at a routine intervals will help detect the cavities and decays at the early stages in order to prevent aggressive ,time consuming procedures and tooth loss

To make a treatment plan

At each dental hygiene appointment the dental, oral and gum conditions are assessed and examined in order to make goals and treatment plans to help optimal oral health

To have brighter and whiter smile

Removing the bacterial plaque,tartar and stain provide brighter and whiter teeth at the same time healthier pink colour gums.

To prevent bad breath

Regular professional teeth cleaning disperse plaque and harmful bacteria .It provides a healthy environment which prevents bacterial growth that cause bad mouth odour.

At Dentistry for You we are committed to providing an optimal oral care for our valued patients at all dental hygiene appointments.
We encourage our patients with healthy oral and medical condition to schedule every 6 months for their re-care. For those with Implants,history of gum disease,medical conditions affecting their oral health ,compromised immunity system,taking medications or smoking ,it is recommended to schedule every 3-4 months for their dental hygiene appointments to prevent further serious problems.

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